Back Office Support

Office Support

An organization's vital operations may take place in the back office, but any inefficiency or failure behind the scenes can have a severe impact on customer experience. That's why effectively managing back office business processes is essential for a meaningful customer experience.

At MangoTree Solutions we provide teams of specialists who do more than manage your business processes: they work tirelessly to improve them. Through continuous performance measurement and rigorous quality control we consistently outperform internal teams.

MangoTree Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of back-office services that allows you to focus on your more immediate business needs. Our solutions support multiple front- and back-office activities to ensure our interaction with your customers is transparent. 



Our services include:
Account Management
  • Account Administration

  • Data Processing

  • Video Analytics

  • Claims Support

  • Order / Sales Support

  • Reports Analytics

Transaction Processing Services
  • Post and Dispatch

  • Process Fulfillment

  • General Procurement

  • Web Development

  • Chat, E-mail

  • Fax Services