Why Outsource?

Approximately 60 percent of a company’s operating costs is attributable to an in-house customer service, sales, and back-office support team.  Outsourcing these processes to an industry-savvy service provider can deliver cost savings of 40 – 50 percent.  Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) represents an efficient strategy for companies looking to save money, energize their sales-force, and grow their bottom line.

Why choose MTS?

We are here to fill a need for small businesses.  We can provide a customized workforce that is less expensive than on-site personnel.  We will deal with all the paperwork and human resource hassles.  We are American owned and operated.  We consider our clients to be partners, and we are partnered with top logistics and social media advertising companies in the US.



We view our relationships with our customers, investors and employees as long-term balanced partnerships based on fairness. We trust our Clients and Employees


We are modern and forward-looking in the way we think. We devise new approaches and intelligent solutions in consultation with our partners.



Open, interested and committed, we listen and respond to issues that matter to our customers and partners, who are the pivot of all our activities.


 "Put our team to work for you!"

cash-receiving-48Cost advantages


computer-48Save on infrastructure and technology


time-48Time zone advantage


fast-forward-48Faster and better services


services-48 (2)Increased efficiency

workers-48Access to skilled resources